Scaffolding Products
Our assortment of Scaffolding Products has been produced from best grade raw materials like durable steel and iron. Quality of these items has been verified on the basis of their different mechanical attributes, durability and service life.

Scaffolding Accessories
Our selected grade Scaffolding Accessories have been developed from best grade cold rolled steel and galvanized steel. All these durable quality accessories are used as onsite supporting solutions during construction works.
Scaffolding Tie Rod
Scaffolding Tie Rod is used as indispensable part of high rise building construction work. Exceptional strength, rust proof surface, precise shape and simple installation technique are some of the main features of this rod.
Steel Walkway Planks
Steel Walkway Planks with galvanized surface have been developed by using advanced welding technique. These planks can endure heavy load and these are corrosion protected.

H Frame
H Frame is a type of scaffolding part which is used as supporting system or working platform in construction job. Excellent strength, painted or powder coated surface, simple assembling and dismantling method are some of its main features.
Cuplock Scaffolding
Iron or steel made Cuplock Scaffolding is offered with plain or galvanized surface finish based option. This scaffolding accessory has excellent breaking strength and it is convenient to install or remove.
Formwork Accesorries
Steel of different grades and grey cast iron made Formwork Accessories are used to maintain precision of wall thickness and stability of concrete structures. These accessories are preferred for their excellent strength.
Portable Cabin

Offered array of Portable Cabin is reckoned for its simple set up process, weather protected structure and low maintenance charge. Galvanized steel sheet made body of this cabin is rust proof.

Cuplock Scaffolding Rental Service
Rendered Cuplock Scaffolding Rental Service aims to fulfill precise construction needs of customers. Executed by skilled personnel, this service can be availed at affordable charge. Importance is given on timely completion of assigned duty.
Shuttering Centring Plate
Shuttering Centring Plate is equipped with different connecting accessories, angle formwork and modular plates. It is used as important part of formwork in construction job. Ease of assembling and high strength are its main features.